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The Warm Tips website is an attempt to take advantage of a tremendous resource. Since March 2000, the Warm Glass bulletin board has been a place for people who work with glass in a kiln to come together and share thoughts, expertise, and tips with each other.  Conversations on the board have ranged from the mundane (how to remove kiln wash from a shelf) to the sublime (what makes great art), with stops along the way to share business tips, machinery recommendations, and even gossip about glass.

Because of the sheer volume of material which has been contributed to the board over the years, it has become difficult to sort through all the posts (over 200,000 posts as of mid 2005!) to quickly find meaningful and useful information.  With that problem in mind, this website is an effort to sort through the posts, separate the good from the bad, and make it easier to access the best of the board's archives.

The Warm Tips website is also an attempt to create a FAQ for the bulletin board that will be useful for anyone who works with glass in a kiln, whether they are a novice fuser or an experienced kiln-forming artist.  The idea is to create Warm Tips that will address frequently asked questions about kiln-forming, and that will make forgotten or buried gems from the past more accessible for all.

In time, the hope is that the Warm Tips website will become a sort of "Best of the Best" -- a constant and dependable resource for information about glass fusing, slumping, casting, and related kiln-forming techniques.  It won't reach this goal overnight, but at the rate of a new tip each day the usefulness of the site should grow quickly and steadily.

So please join me in extending my deepest thanks and appreciation to all the artists, hobbyists, and just plain helpful people who have taken the time to share their thoughts, insights, and expertise on the Warm Glass bulletin board.  By freely offering your assistance and advice, you've made this corner of the internet a better place for us all.

Brad Walker

August 1, 2005



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The bulk of the kiln-forming tips on this website have been adapted from the archives of the Warm Glass Bulletin Board, with the bulk of the remainder coming from various articles and other material written by Brad Walker, including Brad's book Contemporary Warm Glass

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