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Removing Kiln Wash

from Glass

This is part two of a three part tip on removing kiln wash from glass.  Click here to see part one.

4.  More aggressive, but also more likely to scratch the glass, are methods such as the Dremel tool (with a rotary brush attachment), a carborundum stone, steel wool, or a wire brush.  Whatever you use, make sure you keep the glass wet while you scrub.

5.  CLR or Lime-Away or The Works or Wash Away and similar products -- these cleaners are mostly dilute solutions of acid (usually hydrochloric or sulfamic acid).  Follow the safety instructions on the bottle if you try these.  Some folks claim that Lime-Away works the best of the batch, some swear by Wash Away.

6.  Muriatic acid -- this chemical, commonly used to adjust the ph level of swimming pools, is a stronger solution of hydrochloric acid (around 30%).  If you decide to use this acid, use even more caution -- gloves and a respirator are best.

One thing to keep in mind is that many of these acids can slightly discolor the glass (especially clear glass).  And sometimes even a mild solution like vinegar can change the color of certain opaque glasses.  So test on a scrap piece if possible.

Click here to go to the final section of this three part tip, which offers my choice for the best way to remove baked on kiln wash from glass.


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