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Removing Kiln Wash

from Glass

This is part three of a three part tip on removing kiln wash from glass.  Click here to see part one.

6.  Sandblasting -- the easiest solution of all.  Sandblasting removes the kiln wash completely and quickly.  It generally takes about a minute, maybe less, to gently and thoroughly remove kiln wash from the bottom of a piece.  The only potential downside is that sandblasting does etch the surface, but even this cloud has a silver lining -- once the piece is fired again (perhaps during the slump), a marvelous smooth texture results. 

Of course you need a  sandblasting setup to take advantage of this tip, but some feel that the ease of removing kiln wash and related problems such as devitrification is enough to justify the expense. 

Or better yet, avoid getting kiln wash baked onto your glass in the first place.  Check out this page for more on that topic.


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