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Cleaning Up Thinfire Fiber Paper

Although Bullseye's "thinfire" paper is not considered hazardous, the residue from firing creates a nuisance dust that can be irritating to some.  Sweeping up the dust is generally not a good idea because the dust becomes airborne and can contaminate other surfaces and items in your studio.

So instead of sweeping the dust, try using a damp paper towel to clean up the worst of the residue.  Then simply toss it into the trash.

Another option is to use a vacuum cleaner to remove the small particles.  This will work well, but it's best to use a vacuum that has been fitted with a HEPA filter.  Don't forget to take care when emptying the vacuum so as not to spill the dust or cause it to become airborne.

And one final option is to place the kiln shelf (used "thinfire" and all) into a bin of water.  The particles will lift off the shelf and dissolve into a slurry that can be scooped out into newspapers and discarded.


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