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Preventing Kiln Wash

Sticking to Glass

If you've ever had to deal with kiln wash sticking to glass, you know what a pain it can be.  And if you've spent even ten minutes trying to scrape or soak baked kiln wash off the underside of a piece of glass, then you've probably given some thought to preventing the problem in the first place.

Here's a list of tips to help keep your glass clean and your kiln wash on the shelf, where it belongs:

1.  Make sure your kiln washed shelf is completely dry before firing.  If the kiln wash is still damp, it has a greater tendency to stick.

2.  Wherever possible, avoid placing opaque glass against the shelf.  Opals are much more likely to stick to kiln wash than transparents, and white is the worst of all.  If your design allows it, put a layer of clear on the bottom.

3.  Give your kiln wash some help by sifting another barrier beneath the piece.  Sprinkle loose kiln wash powder, dry plaster, mica, or whiting directly on the kiln shelf. Then place your piece on top of the sifted material and fire as normal.  The extra layer will help keep kiln wash from sticking.

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