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Cutting Glass Strips

This is part two of a four part tip.  Click here to go to the first part.

The tips in this section have to do with your glass cutting tools.

4.  Make certain the wheel of your glass cutter is in good working order.  A nicked wheel will not do a good job and should be replaced.

5.  If you don't already, consider lubricating your cutter.  Most light oils will work well and are actually preferred to commercial cutting oils. Try WD-40, sewing machine oil, or kerosene (the latter's usually best for float glass).  Many people perfer light oils such as mineral spirits which burn off easily in the kiln and don't require as much glass cleaning.

6.  Use a good pair of running pliers.  To work best, running pliers should be adjusted so that they barely close on the glass being cut.  Squeeze them gently; if you squeeze too hard they don't work as well.  Also, try starting the run at one end, then switching to the other end and starting again if the first attempt doesn't work perfectly.

Click here to go to the next part of this tip, which has information on how to improve your technique for cutting strips.


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