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Cutting Glass Strips

This is part three of a four part tip.  Click here to go to the first part.

The tips in this section have to do with the best techniques for cutting glass strips.

7.  Try scoring and breaking out the strips from the middle of the piece, rather than from the end.  Basically, just cut the glass in half, cut each half in half, etc., etc., until the glass is entirely cut into strips.  It's easier to break the middle of a piece of glass than the edge.

8.  If you're using a straightedge to help you cut, try a few strips freehand, following along a line drawn on the glass with a sharpie.  Some people have better luck cutting freehand than with a straightedge.

9.  Remember that for some projects the strips do not have to be exactly the same width at each end.  In fact, freeform strips can make very interesting strip bowls.

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