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Cutting Glass Strips

This is part four of a four part tip.  Click here to go to the first part.

If you've tried all the tips, practiced for hours, and even prayed to the kiln gods without success, then try these "last chance" tips.

1.  Put the glass away and try again tomorrow.  You'd be surprised at how much easier difficult glass can be to cut in the fresh light of a new day.

2.  Try reheating the glass to just above the annealing range (around 1000F/540C), then re-annealing.  Sometimes this can tame a rogue piece of glass.

3.  Consider purchasing a tabletop strip cutter.  Several models are available, but the best is probably the one developed by Jeremy Lepisto of Ramp Glass.  (See this link for more info.)

And finally, remember that some glass just doesn't cut well and wants to be frit rather than strips. Sometimes the only cure for recalcitrant glass is a Swedish massage with the business end of a hammer.  If all else fails, there's nothing more therapeutic than a marathon frit making session.


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