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Increasing the Height of Your Kiln

Looking for a way to increase the height of your kiln to be able to fit in a tall drop ring, pot melt, or other project?  Here's a solution that will work for most top-loading brick kilns.

Purchase eight or ten firebricks, depending on the number of sides in your kiln.  For eight-sided kilns, miter each end of the bricks to 22 1/2 degrees; for ten-side kilns, an 18 degree cut is best.  Bricks cut easily with a hack saw or other blade, and once cut properly they will fit together to surround the top of the kiln. 

Now remove the hinge from the top of the kiln, set the bricks carefully in place, and set the lid down gently on top of the bricks.  This will increase the kiln height about four inches and if you cut the bricks precisely heat loss will be minimal.

Some smaller sectional kilns, such as Evenheat's Hot Box, work best for pot melts if you add the bricks beneath the middle section, so that the heat is at the top of the kiln.

Caution:  not all kilns with elements in the lid have enough play in their wiring to allow the added height from the bricks, so check to make sure they do before trying this out.


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