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Preventing Kiln Wash

Sticking to Glass

This is part two of a three part tip.  Click here to visit part one.

4.  Try firing a piece with iridescent glass on the bottom, with the irid side down against the shelf.  Kiln wash doesn't usually stick to irid.  (This works for dichroic coatings, too.)

5.  Consider using fiber paper instead of kiln wash.  Even if the fiber paper sticks to the glass, a simple dip in a pan of water will usually remove the paper easily.  (Just make sure your piece has totally cooled before you try this.)

6.  Switch brands of kiln wash.  It's best to purchase a premium brand of kiln wash that's been formulated for glass, such as Bullseye's Shelf Primer or Hotline Primo Primer. 

And finally, my favorite tip for preventing the sticking of kiln wash to glass.  Click here to check it out.


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