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Determining the coated side

of dichroic or iridescent glass

Many fusing operations require that the fuser determine which side of dichroic or iridescent glass is coated.  This is easy for opaque glasses, but can be difficult for transparent (especially clear) glasses. 

The most straightforward way to determine which side has the coating requires the use of a pencil or similar object.  Just hold the pencil at a slight angle so that the tip is lightly touching the surface of the glass.  Observe carefully to see if the reflection of the pencil tip in the glass is directly touching or if there's a space between the actual tip and its reflection.  If there's a space, the coating (dichroic or irid) is on the opposite side; no space means the coating is on the top surface next to the pencil.


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This tip taken from posters on the Warm Glass bulletin board.

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