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Ceramaguard is a commercial ceiling tile that is manufactured by Armstrong.  It is made to be used in commercial suspended ceilings where fire resistance is a priority.  Its color is white and it is finished on one side with a factory-applied vinyl plastic paint.  The product is manufactured in sheets that are 2 feet by 4 feet (600 by 1200mm) and in 2 feet squares.  It is 5/8" thick (around 16mm).  The surface of most Ceramaguard is covered with small fissures, although unperforated Ceramaguard is sometimes available.   The unperforated variety is not perfectly smooth, but it is fairly free of deep fissures or cracks.  Either type, perforated or unperforated, will work well for fusing and slumping applications.

From a warm glass perspective, the principle use of Ceramaguard is to make drop rings and similar molds.  Ceramaguard  is easier to cut than fiber board; you can use a hacksaw, a regular saw, or even a craft knife or similar tool.  It can also be easily worked with tools such as a table saw or a power drill.  Cutting it may produce a lot of dust, so it's a good idea to wear a mask.  Once cut, Ceramaguard will not continue to deteriorate the way that fiber board can, although the edges can get a bit banged up from handling.

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Ceramaguard can be purchased by the case at most building supply stores (builder's supply, not a home improvement or DIY store like Home Depot or Lowes).  Individual squares can also be purchased from the Warm Glass website at: http://www.warmglass.com/WGOnlineOrder.htm

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