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The Bead Annealing Kiln


This is one of a continuing series on choosing a glass kiln for fusing and slumping.  Click here to go to the first part of the series.


As the name implies, these are made for bead makers to use to anneal beads.  They tend to have a larger front opening to allow easy access for adding beads for annealing, and some models also have a controller included.  These kilns are usually quite small and almost all run on 120v current.


If you're interested in using a bead annealer for fusing and slumping, then the first thing you should do is determine if the kiln is capable of reaching fusing and slumping temperatures.  Some bead kilns, such as Jen-Ken's "Chili Pepper Bead Annealer," are not capable of heating beyond 1100F, so can only be used for bead annealing.  For fusing and slumping, make certain the kiln is rated to reach temperatures of 1500F or greater.


Bead annealers that can reach temperatures of 1700F or higher do exist, and are marketed by most of the major kiln manufacturers.  Despite the small size of these kilns -- they do make good starter kilns and should be considered by those who are looking for a small kiln with a controller.


Click here for information about the segmented kiln, another popular kind of small kiln.


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