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Table of COE and melting

point for common metals

Here's a table that summarizes coefficients of expansion and melting points for metals commonly used as inclusions for glass in a kiln.

Type of metal Coefficient of Expansion Melting point in degrees F Melting point in degrees C
Aluminum 248 1218 659
Brass, navy 212 1650 900
Copper 176 1981 1081
Gold 140 1945 1061
Iron, cast 108 2300 1260
Lead 295 621 328
Silver 191 1764 962
Steel, high carbon 121 2500 1374
Steel, stainless 171 2600-2750 1430-1507
Tin 398 788 415

Note that these are for pure metals or typical alloys.  Other alloys can differ significantly.


Copyright 2005 Brad Walker.  All rights reserved.

Source:  U.S. Military Training Circular No. 9-237, "Welding Theory and Application." 

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