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Sources for Mica Powder


Probably the easiest way to purchase mica is to purchase PearlEx powders, which are found in large craft and art supply stores.  Made by Jacquard, these powders come in a wide variety of colors, from traditional golds and silvers to more exotic purples, reds, and greens.  They're inexpensive, and some of the colors do burn out when fired, but they're a great way to get start using micas without spending a lot of money.


Micas are also available from several other sources.  In general, these other sources cost a bit more than PearlEx, but they're generally better quality products.  For coppers, golds, and silvers, try the mica from Sepp Leaf, a large importer of micas and gold leaf. 

Another good source for mica is Thompson Enamel, which markets its mica as a product called "Carefree Lusters."  These are available in a wider range of colors (as well as the basic golds and coppers) and maintain their color well in the heat of the kiln.

Finally, you can sometimes find mica marketed under such names as "mother of pearl" (usually a white or pink variety) or "luster" (though not all "lusters" are mica!).  It's also possible to find mica in different forms such as flake or sheet -- sheet is sometimes sold by woodworker's supply places -- but powder is easiest to find.

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