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Mesh Size


Mesh size is a measure of the size of small particles.  It's most commonly used to indicate the size of glass powder, silica, mica, or similar products.  The term is also related to grit, which is often used when discussing abrasive materials used for polishing or grinding.


There are several different scales for determining mesh size, but the one most often used in the United States (and in the glass field) is based on the number of holes in a screen.  To determine mesh size of a screen, just count the number of openings in one inch of screen.  A mesh size of 100, for example, means that there are 100 openings in each linear inch of screen.  


The table below summarizes information for common particle sizes, using US Standard mesh sizes:




28 Beach sand
80 Glass powder, glass enamel
200 Silica flour
400 Plant pollen
1200 Red blood cells


Cigarette smoke


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The table above is adapted from information provided in Issue #22 of Skylighter Fireworks Tips, (November 26, 2002).

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