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Vermiculite Board


Vermiculite board is a rigid refractory material that can withstand temperatures up to 2012F (1100C).  It's made by pressing and gluing vermiculite into board form (not unlike pressed wood or particle board.  In addition to being reasonably strong, the board is also resistant to thermal shock and can be machined with standard woodworking tools. 


A Denmark-based company named Skamol is the most common manufacturer of vermiculite board.  Skamol offers the board in several different sizes, densities, and thicknesses.


From a health and safety perspective, vermiculite board is asbestos free, but it does contain some silica, so wearing a respirator or mask is highly recommended when cutting the board.  


Tomorrow's tip will have more information about vermiculite board and its uses in the kiln, which include damming, shelving, and mold making.


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This article is one of a series on refractory materials for the kiln worker.

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