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Vermiculite Board


This is part two of a multiple part tip on vermiculite board.  Click here to start with part one.

The warm glass artist can use vermiculite board in several ways, including the following:

  • Kiln Shelving.  The board's rigidity and thermal shock resistance make it useable as a kiln shelf.  Both the 2" and 1" thickness can be used, just make certain that you support the board well with short kiln posts or other kiln furniture in order to minimize the possibility of warping. It is necessary to use fiber paper on top of the board to prevent sticking; kiln wash alone is not always sufficient.
  • Drop Rings and similar molds. Vermiculite board makes an excellent drop ring.  Just cut a hole of the desired size in the board, cover with fiber paper, and slump.  The board is more rigid than most fiber boards or other refractory materials. 
  • Mold Boxes for kiln casting.  The board can be used to build a reusable mold box for casting. This process is described in Bullseye's Tip Sheet Number 5, available for download from this page: http://www.bullseyeglass.com/connection/education/ 
  • Backing board for kilns.  The combination of rigidity and resistance to heat (up to 2012F/1100C) makes vermiculite board an excellent back up insulation for kilns. 

Stay tuned for future tips on the specifics of using vermiculite board for each of these processes.


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This article is one of a series on refractory materials for the kiln worker.

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