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Paradise Paints

Paradise Paints are enamels that are made and marketed by Paradise & Co., which is located in Paradise, California, USA.  The enamels are very popular with glassblowers and can also be used for many kiln based projects.


Paradise Paints, which are lead-based, are available in two different forms -- powder you mix with the binder of your choice and also pre-mixed with a pine oil binder.  The pine oil mixture is extremely thick and has a very intense odor.  For this reason, it's a very good idea to use the pre-mixed enamels in a well-ventilated area.


If you mix the powder with a binder, you can use any standard binder.  CMC mixtures, Klyr-fire, and Thompson's A-2 all work well.


The enamels are available in seven opaque colors, but they can be mixed like oil or acrylic paints.  (There is a special toning white to use for mixing only; the regular white doesn't mix as well.)  They can be applied in a variety of ways, including painting, airbrushing, brayering, screen printing, rubber stamp, and more.  They're also compatible with almost any stained glass or float glass, and can be used on ceramics or steel as well as glass.


One advantage of Paradise Paints is that they can be fired to a range of temperatures.  They are matte at 1150F/620C and full gloss by 1400F/760C.  When firing, vent the kiln until the temperature reaches 500F/260C. This allows the binder to burn off.  If you fire too quickly without burning off the binder, the red will turn brown and the enamels can bubble (especially if stacking glass for fusing).  Fired properly, the colors are very intense.  They're also permanent and able to withstand second and third firings if necessary.


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Paradise Paints must be purchased direct from the manufacturer.  Click here for more information.

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