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Sink Molds


Although molds for slumping bowls and platters are widely available, good molds for slumping glass sinks are much more difficult to find.  They're also quite expensive when they are available, and can easily cost several hundred dollars or more.


It's critical that a good sink mold be shaped properly, generally with gently contoured sides and a slight kick, or flat spot, at the bottom.  The ideal sink mold should also be strong enough to handle a considerable weight of glass (a glass sink can easily weight more than 10 pounds).  And finally, it should be able to withstand the heat of the kiln without warping or bending, even after repeated use. 


The options that make for good sink molds fall into three main categories:


1.  Stainless steel, either custom spun or adapted from an item like a large wok;


2.  Hand made, most often from clay, plaster/silica, or a related refractory material. 


3.  Drop ring style, usually made from fiberboard or a similar strong refractory board product.


Each of these three different categories of sink molds will be discussed in upcoming tips.


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