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Substitutes for Kiln Wash

If you've ever been caught without kiln wash or fiber paper on hand, you may find this list of possible substitutes helpful.

1.  Plaster makes a fine substitute kiln wash.  Just sift it evenly over the kiln shelf, then fire as normal.

2.  Silica (flint) will also work in a pinch.  Sift over the shelf, then fire.

3.  Mica will also work as an emergency kiln wash.  Sift it over the shelf, then fire.  The mica may stick to the underside of the glass, but this is usually an attractive addition to the piece.

4.  Talc or whiting are possible alternatives to kiln wash, but these are less desirable than other options mentioned above.  There may be some sticking to the glass, especially at higher temperatures.


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