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This is part two of a two part series on striking.  Click here to go to the beginning of the series.

Striking, the process in which the color or transparency of a particular glass changes after being fired in the kiln, can't usually be prevented.  However, undesirable color changes can sometimes be made less likely by careful firing.

One way to try to do this is to minimize the time spent in the temperature range where the glass colorants precipitate.  Done successfully, the color change may not be as dramatic; in some cases it can be avoided altogether.   Unfortunately, it's very difficult to fuse without spending enough time in the temperature range for the color to change, but firing speed and time spent in the temperature range can impact the degree of color change.

In addition, different lots of glass can vary in color after firing.  This is because the manufacturing process isn't necessarily stable over time. Changes in processes, changes in formulas from batch to batch, and (oops) even mistakes, can all impact the characteristics of the glass.

Striking issues are most likely in colors like the reds and the more unusual glasses. More unusual usually means that it's more difficult to make and that the manufacturer has less experience with it.

Also, using an overspray (such as Spray A, SuperSpray, or a borax solution) can change the striking process.  Since an overspray is just particles on top of your glass, using it just makes a complicated situation even more complicated.


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