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Fused Pattern Bars

A pattern bar is a bundle of glass that has been fused together to form a solid rectangular shape. The size of pattern bars can vary, but most have the same height as width (usually one to two inches).  The length of the individual bars can be as long as your kiln allows.

The basic steps involved in making a pattern bar include deciding on a design, cutting glass for the bar, assembling the cut glass into the desired bar shape, then firing to a full fuse.  Once fired, pattern bars can be cut into slices with a tile saw, glass saw, lapidary saw, or similar tool.  The individual slices are then assembled and re-fused to make bowls, platters, and similar shapes. 

The next part of this series will detail with the specific steps involved in making a pattern bar, slicing the bar into useable sections, and then re-fusing the slices to make a bowl or similar item.  Click here to continue.

Pattern bar with several slices


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