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Stainless Steel Sink Molds


This is one of a series of articles on molds for slumping glass sinks.  Click here to go to the first item in the series.


Sink molds are often made from stainless steel, and can be custom made or adapted from cookware or similar stainless steel items.


To adapt cookware for slumping sinks, the most common item used is a large stainless steel wok.  Ideally, the wok should be 18/8 or a similar high quality stainless steel -- regular steel can also work, but it will tend to spall (give off ugly metal flakes) when used. 


To make sinks, the wok should be at least 18" in diameter.  Ideally, it should have a slight kick (or flat spot) at the bottom.  It should also have no handles, or only small metal handles.  Wooden handles won't work unless they can be removed.


Two or three small holes must be drilled in the lowest part of the wok before it can be used as a mold.  Use a 1/8" or smaller drill bit.  After drilling, the wok should be coated with a separator (use boron nitride or kiln wash). Then it's ready for use as a slumping mold.


Click here for part two of this tip, which will discuss metal spinning as a method of making large sink molds.



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