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Pre-firing Fiber Paper

This is part three of a three-part tip on pre-firing fiber paper in your kiln. Click here to go to part one.

11.  Never pre-fire Bullseye's "thinfire" fiber paper.  Pre-firing very thin paper such as this can ruin the paper.

12.  It is not necessary to pre-fire small strips of paper that are used for lining dams or similar activities. 

13.  It's also not usually necessary to fire very thin fiber paper (such as 1/32") but thicker papers do require pre-firing.  The thicker the paper, the more binder to be burned off.  (Note:  Don't confuse thin fiber paper with "thinfire" fiber paper -- they're two totally different products!)

14.  In a pinch, you can sometimes get away without pre-firing, but be aware that there is a possibility that the fumes and vapors from fiber paper that has not been pre-fired can discolor or mar the glass. 

15.  If you absolutely must pre-fire more than one sheet of paper at a time, don't stack them on top of each other.  Instead, use multiple shelves or else place one sheet on the kiln shelf and then prop an additional sheet on posts above the shelf.

16.  It is possible to purchase fiber paper that does not have a binder and does not require pre-firing, but as you would expect the paper is more expensive.  It's also not available in all thicknesses.  If you're interested, look for the term "inorganic paper."


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