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Essential Kiln Safety Equipment


No kiln-forming studio is complete without the following pieces of essential safety equipment.

-- Simple first aid items. Start with common items such as adhesive bandages, burn ointments, and aspirin or a similar painkiller.  You may never need them, but it's good to have them handy in case you do.

-- Two kinds of safety glasses. You'll need one pair of clear safety glasses for grinding and cold working glass and a second pair of shaded glasses for looking into the kiln.  The shaded glasses should be made to block infrared (IR) radiation.  Glasses for lampworking are not sufficient.

-- Two kinds of gloves. The first pair of gloves should be made for withstanding heat. Welding gloves will work for most applications.  The second should be made of latex or rubber and should be used for dealing with chemicals.

-- A respirator or mask. Get the kind of mask or respirator that's rated for the kinds of work you do.  Paper masks will work for some applications, but a mask like the 3M P100 (under US $10) is best.

-- A fire extinguisher. Pick one that's rated "ABC" for fires of any type, from electrical to paper. Keep it near the kiln, inspect it regularly, and know how to use it. You'll probably never need it, but you'll be eternally grateful if you do.


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