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Nested Slumped Bowls


Here's a neat trick for slumping a set of nested bowls.


First, fuse the bowls as normal.  Try fusing three circular blanks, each slightly smaller in diameter than the others.  Even a single layer glass (like Spectrum baroque) without fusing will work for this.


Next, slump the bowls as follows.  Using a single mold, place the largest blank into the mold first.  Then dust kiln wash powder over the blank.  Use a fairly heavy application of powder, so that the blank is totally covered. 


Once the first blank is dusted with the kiln wash powder, center the second blank on top of the first.  Then add more powder on the top layer, covering as before.  Continue this process until you've placed all of the bowls into the mold.


Now fire the blanks.  Because the pieces are stacked, you should fire a bit slower than normal (try around 200F/93C per hour).  Also, slump at as low a temperature as possible for your mold, and definitely less than 1200F/650C.  Soak until the nested bowls slump. 


Then anneal and cool.  Take care when annealing to consider the increased thickness of the pieces and anneal accordingly.  Allow plenty of time to cool, then remove the bowls from the kiln, wash away the kiln wash, and enjoy.


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