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Devitrification Spray

Although commercial sprays for preventing devitrification are widely available under brand names such as Spray "A" or Superspray, it's fairly easy to make your own solution. 

There are several recipes for the spray, but here's one that many people have tried.  Most find that this recipe works just as well as the commercial sprays.  It's also significantly less expensive to make.

To make the spray, you will need borax (available from ceramic stores or in groceries that carry the 20 Mule Team borax brand of laundry detergent),  either Thompson's Klyr-fire or a dishwashing liquid (such as Dawn), and water (distilled is best).

The ratio of the three ingredients is 1:1:16.   For example, (and using US measurements) a large quantity can be made by using one cup of borax, one cup of Klyr-fire or dishwashing liquid, and one gallon of distilled water.  A small quantity can be made with one tablespoon borax, one tablespoon Klyr-fire, and one cup water.

Start by mixing the borax with most of the water.  Warm (but not boiling) water is best.  Let it settle and cool, then pour the liquid into another clean container.  Dispose of the residue.

Next mix the Klyr-fire or dish detergent with the remaining water.  Add this to the borax/water mixture and mix well.

That's it!  To use, just brush liberally on the top surface of the glass prior to firing.  A foam brush works well.   Do not stir the mixture; instead, leave any crystallized borax in the bottom of the container.  If needed, wash the brush with distilled water.


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