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Denatured Alcohol

Although it's common for stained glass books to recommend using denatured alcohol for cleaning glass, it's not the best choice for cleaning glass that will be fired in a kiln.  That's because the denaturing process, in which alcohol is made undrinkable by adding other ingredients, can sometimes change the product so that streaks show up after firing in the kiln. 

While this doesn't happen all the time, and while some brands of denatured alcohol may be more likely to streak the glass than others, it does happen often enough to make it a good idea to clean your glass with something other than denatured alcohol.

Most folks recommend isopropyl alcohol, which is ordinary rubbing alcohol.  It's inexpensive and also totally avoids the possibility of causing streaks in the glass after firing in a kiln.  You might also try plain water (even less expensive), which works very well to clean most glasses.


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