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Etching dichroic glass

Here's a handy tip for etching dichroic glass.  What's best is that no special equipment is needed, just a simple Sharpie brand felt tip pen and some etching cream.

Start by drawing onto the dichroic glass with a black Sharpie pen.  Whatever you cover with the pen will remain after the etching process, so just cover those parts of the dichroic you'd like to keep.

Once the Sharpie dries, brush on Armour Etch or a similar etching cream.  A thin coat is all you need.  It will dissolve the dichro fairly quickly, so watch it carefully.  After a few moments rinse the dichroic glass in water, then dry it well.  Cap with clear and you're ready to fire.


Copyright 2005 Brad Walker.  All rights reserved.

This tip taken from posters on the Warm Glass bulletin board.  Other brands and colors of felt tip pen may work.

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