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This is one of a series of articles on enamels for glass.  Click here to go to the first item in the series.

Ferro makes several lines of glass enamels, but the Ferro Sunshine series is perhaps the most useful for glass artists.  These are compatible with many different types of glass, including float and both 96 and 90 COE glasses. 


The Sunshine series, which comes in powder form, is designed as China paint.  If fired to its recommended maturation temperature (1420 to 1520F/770 to 825C) it leaves a hard, shiny surface on the glass. 


There are 19 colors in the product line.  Most are translucent, but the line does include some transparents and an opaque white.   The colors can be mixed to produce additional colors if desired.


Like most enamels, Ferro can be applied using a brush, an airbrush, or by a screen printing process.  Heavier applications will achieve a more opaque finish.  It's also possible to achieve results that look like either oil paints or watercolors.


A sample set of the Ferro Sunshine enamels is available direct from the company (no middle man!) by calling Wanda McDowell in Customer Service.  The telephone number is 800-245-4951.  The sample set costs $200 US, but it does include 100 grams of most colors and 50 grams of the more expensive colors.


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This information on Ferro Enamels adapted from information provided by Bert Weiss.

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