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Signing Your Work with an Engraver


An electric engraver, which can be cordless or corded, is probably the marker of choice for signing your work.  In addition to being relatively inexpensive (under $20 US), engravers are also very reliable and fairly easy to learn to use.  They operate by vibrating rapidly and when pressed against the surface of the glass can be used to cut letters and shapes into the glass.  Although they're sometimes a bit awkward to handle at first, a few minutes of practice on some scrap glass is usually sufficient to learn to control the engraver.


Engravers come with a variety of different tip sizes and shapes.  In addition, on some models the vibrations of the engraver can be adjusted if desired.  Just about any brand of electric engraver will work for engraving glass (Dremel even has an attachment), so long as you .avoid impact engravers as they can break the glass; instead, only use the more common and inexpensive rotary type engravers.

The results of many of the engravers can be improved by using a marker to fill in the grooves and highlight the signature. Excess ink can be wiped away, leaving a more visible signature.


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