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Fused Bracelet Making

Unlike most fusing and slumping projects, bracelet making requires that the glass be manipulated by hand while it is in the kiln.  This is not tremendously difficult, but it is a new experience for many fusers and it's important to take safety precautions when reaching inside the kiln.

Having the right tools for bracelet making is also important.  In addition to fusible glass, you'll need a small  top loading or sectional kiln.  (It's much more difficult to make bracelets with a front loading kiln.)  A kiln like the Hot Box, which allows the top to be removed for easy access, is ideal.

Your equipment list should also include a bracelet mold (essentially a hollow tube of stainless steel several inches in diameter and welded to a stand), a pair of graphite tongs (curved to fit the stand), and some flexible fiber paper (1/8" paper works well).  It's possible to purchase "bracelet forming kits" that contain all of these items, or they may be purchased individually.

Once you've assembled these supplies,  you're ready to make a kiln-formed bracelet.

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