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This is part four of a multi-part series on devitrification.  Click here to go to part one.

9.  Once devitrification occurs, it can't be removed by simply cleaning and re-firing.  Instead, the top surface of the glass must be physically removed.  Sandblasting is the most common way of doing this.  After blasting, the glass must be refired in order to regain a shine.

10.  It's possible to coat a devitrified surface with a devit spray (such as Spray "A", Super Spray, or a borax solution) and then refire, but this is only occasionally successful in covering up the devitrification crystals. 

11.  And finally, although most people consider devitrification to be something to be avoided, it is possible to encourage the process and use the devitrification crystals as a unique design element.  A future warm tip will concentrate on this technique and on ways to encourage and control devitrification.


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