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Although the term "laminated glass" is occasionally used as a synonym for glass that has been fused in the kiln, it is more properly used to refer to glass that has been joined using one of two processes that takes place outside the kiln.

Most often, lamination refers to bonding two or more layers or glass to an intermediate layer of transparent plastic film.  This type of safety glass, often used in automobile windshields or as a sound barrier, usually uses annealed (not tempered) float glass and a film made of PVB plastic (polyvinyl butyral).  If the glass breaks, the pieces are adhered to the film and are less likely to break into shards that could scatter and cause injury.

The simple process of stacking and gluing glass sheets is also sometimes called "lamination."  In most cases float glass is used and the gluing is accomplished with ultraviolet (UV) glue.  By stacking and gluing carefully shaped pieces of glass, this cold-working process allows the formation of three-dimensional sculptural objects.


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