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Liquid Light

There are a number of techniques for making photographs on glass, ranging from screen printing to xerography and more.  One of the more interesting techniques involves "Liquid Light", an alternative photographic process that can be used to print on virtually any material, including glass.

The process is fairly straightforward, but it does require familiarity with conventional photographic printing processes.  In addition to the Liquid Light emulsion, required materials also include a photographic enlarger and standard photo developing chemicals.

Start with coating the glass with Liquid Light, a gel that must be used in a photo-safe environment (red or dark amber light).  After coating and drying, the material can be exposed using a conventional enlarger, then developed by painting the developer directly onto the glass.  A final rinse, and an archival quality photograph will remain.

For more about the Liquid Light process, check out the Rockaloid site.  You might also be interested in the information on this Alternative Photography website.


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