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Keeping Glass Stringer from Moving

Anyone who has placed glass stringer on top of a sheet of glass knows that it often moves before it can be transferred to the kiln.  Here are some suggestions for keeping it from rolling about.

1.  Use glue.  But only sparingly.  Just dip each end of the stringer into a glass glue (Klyr-fire, diluted PVC/Elmers, hairspray, etc.), then move it into place and wait for the glue to dry.

2.  Heat the stringer in the kiln.  Fire as quickly as you'd like to around 1200F/650C, which should be hot enough to flatten the stringer on just one side without distorting it.  You can cool as quickly as you'd like as well.

3.  Use a candle to bend the stringer.  Click here for a tip on how to do this.

4.  Use a regular stained glass grinder to gently grind one side of the stringer.  This tip is definitely only for those with a careful hand.


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