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CMC is an abbreviation for carboxyl methyl cellulose.  This is a whitish powder which has been used by the ceramic industry for decades and is a common ingredient used to control viscosity in the food industry. It's available from most ceramic supply stores. 

The most common use of CMC for the glass artist is as a binder or glue.  Mixing a pint of boiling water with several heaping tablespoons of powdered CMC results in an inexpensive glue that can be used for pate de verre or as a general purpose glue for glass work.  It burns off cleanly in the kiln, and is non-toxic (it's
even used as a food additive).


Although it's a bit harder to find, CMC is also available in pre-mixed (liquid) form.  A related chemical, methyl-ethyl-cellulose, is the major ingredient in Klyr-fire, a binder marketed by Thompson Enamel.


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