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Mold Mix 6

Mold Mix 6 is a refractory compound that is used to make molds for casting glass.  It comes in a pre-mixed paste form.  The paste is applied to the surface of a model; after hardening, it can be removed to produce a mold that can be filled with glass and cast.

Mold Mix 6, along with other products in the Luminar line, is made by Zircar Refractory Composites, a company which makes a number of refractory materials for the glass artist.  Molds made from Mold Mix 6 are lightweight, strong, and durable; they're also fairly expensive, but many artists feel their positive features justify the expense.

Mold Mix 6 has several advantages over traditional mold making materials such as plaster/silica.  These include ease of use (no mixing), relative safety (non-carcinogenic), and less of a tendency to crack during firing.  In addition, Mold Mix 6 is far less likely to leave a haze on the surface of the glass after firing.  And finally, because the material is thin and lightweight, it makes molds easier to handle and also reduces annealing time.

Click here for information on the basic steps involved in working with Mold Mix 6.


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