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Adhesives for Gluing Glass to Glass


There are many different types of adhesive for permanently attaching glass to glass, with different characteristics and suitability for different situations.  Here's a list of the main types.

1.  Silicone


Silicone glue, widely available from most hardware or DIY stores, is both inexpensive and easy to use.   The clear varieties dry clear and resist yellowing.  These are often used for attaching feet to fused pieces, but their flexibility makes them practical for holding larger pieces of glass together as well.  They're one of the best glues to use for outdoor installations, and have the advantage that they can be removed with a razor blade. The GE Silicone II brand is one of the best.


2.  Glass epoxies


Although most epoxies do not work well for glass -- they tend to yellow in time -- there are some epoxies that have been specially formulated for glass.  One of the best known of these is Hxtal, an ultra-clear epoxy that does not yellow.  This is an expensive product and it must be mixed precisely (a scale is essential).  It also requires a long curing period (as long as a week), but if applied properly it forms a secure and long-lasting bond. 


3.  Ultraviolet glue


Ultraviolet (or UV) glues can also provide a secure, long-lasting bond.  They're easier to use than epoxies, but they do require that the glass be transparent.  The curing process involves exposing the glue to an ultraviolet light source, which can range from sunlight (for some varieties) to a long wave ultraviolet lamp. 


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