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Quartz glass, sometimes called fused quartz or fused silica, is a clear glass that is notable for its ability to withstand high temperatures.   It is made by melting pure quartz.  The resulting glass is extremely clear, virtually transparent to light from both the visible and invisible (infrared and ultraviolet) spectrums.  It also has a low coefficient of expansion (COE), making thermal shock very unlikely.  And finally, it is stronger than ordinary glass.

These properties make quartz glass an excellent glass for use in several applications in the kiln.  One of these is in viewing windows for kilns, where quartz can undergo rapid temperature changes and high kiln temperatures without breaking or changing shape.  The softening point for quartz glass is 3030F/1655C, well above the normal operating range for glass kilns.

Another common use for quartz glass is as a sheath for kiln elements.  This requires quartz glass in tube form.  Elements are contained inside the tube and fixed to the top and sides of a kiln as required.  Not only does this kind of installation keep elements from drooping, it also virtually eliminates the problem of refractory dust falling from the kiln lid and onto pieces being fired.


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