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Determining the Amount of Glass

Needed for Kiln Casting

When kiln casting it's almost always important to know how much glass it will take to fill your mold.  Sure, it's possible to top off the mold in the kiln by adding more glass during the firing, but it's a lot easier to determine the proper amount of glass prior to the firing.

There are several methods for determining the amount of glass needed, but these two are used most frequently.  (Note that these methods assume you are kiln casting, not casting by pouring hot glass directly into the mold.)

1.  Water displacement -- this involves measuring the amount of water required to fill the mold, then using a  container of water to determine how much glass is needed to fill the same volume.  No mathematics is required for this approach.

2.  Specific gravity -- this approach also requires knowing the volume of water (or other substance) required to fill a mold, but that figure is used to mathematically determine the amount of glass to fill the same volume. 


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