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Fusing Wire Inside Glass Jewelry

Although there are other ways to combine wire with glass jewelry (such as drilling holes and gluing on bails), one popular method involves fusing wire inside the jewelry.  This technique generally fuses and seals the appropriate wire between two layers of fused glass, so it's critical to select a wire with the right characteristics.  Here's what we usually looking for:

1.  The wire must be capable of withstanding the heat of the kiln.

2.  The wire must emerge from the kiln in a relatively pristine condition, or at least in a form that can be easily cleaned. 

3.  The wire must also retain the desired flexibility and pliability.  If it's too soft or brittle it may not work well as jewelry.

4.  The wire must not react with or contaminate the glass.  In most cases color changes and metal flakes are not desirable.

5.  It's a bonus if the wire is reasonably priced (even inexpensive).  Glass is expensive enough without also spending a fortune on the wire.

Click here for a list of wires that work well (and some that don't work well) in glass.


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