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No, a glass saw isn't a saw made of glass.  It's a saw that's used for cutting glass.  Sometimes these saws are purpose built for cutting glass only, but it's also possible that saws made for cutting other items (such as ceramic tile) can be used for cutting glass.  In either case, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when considering purchasing a glass saw.

First, don't purchase a glass saws just to cut glass that could also be cut by hand.  A glass saw is no substitute for a good glass cutter.  With practice and the right cutter, pieces that are thicker than normal (such as 1/4"/6mm thick glass) can be cut without resorting to a glass saw.  It's even possible to purchase a glass cutter that's specially made for cutting thicker glass.

Second, if you're thinking about getting a glass saw to cut intricate shapes that can't be cut by hand, you should first consider alternative ways to create the shape.  Sifting powder through stencils, for example, can create complex shapes much more easily and inexpensively than a glass saw.

Of course, and despite these two reservations, it's usually necessary to use a glass saw to cut really thick items (such as pattern bars, which are often 1"/2.54cm thick or more) or to cut intricate shapes when stencils and powders won't do. These two main reasons for using a saw often require different solutions (and different kinds of saws).

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