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This is part two of a multi-part series on glass saws.  Click here to go to part one, which deals with some things to think about before you decide to buy a glass saw.

Glass saws fall into several main categories.  The main ones are discussed below.

Saws made specifically for cutting shapes in glass.  These tend to be made for cutting intricate curves and shapes that cannot usually be cut by hand.  The major types are the band saw, the ring saw, and the wire saw.  These saws are all available in both fairly inexpensive (under $400 US) and professional ($800 and up) configurations.

Saws made for cutting tile that can be used to cut glass.  Although tile saws aren't specifically made for cutting glass (and some models specifically state that they shouldn't be used for cutting glass), they can be very useful for cutting straight lines in glass that is too thick to easily cut by hand.  These are ideal choices for cutting pattern bars or similar thick items.

Saws specifically made for cutting straight lines in glass.  These tend to be much more expensive and more powerful than simple tile saws.  Examples include slab saws, chop saws, and trim saws.

Click here for the next item in this series, which discusses saw specifically made for cutting shapes in glass.

Or click here for information on tile saws, which can be used for cutting straight lines in glass.


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