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Fusing Wire Inside Glass Jewelry

This is part two of a multi part tip on fusing wiring inside glass jewelry.  Click here to go to part one, which discusses the characteristics desired of a wire used in fusing.

Here's a list of some common wires that can be fused, along with some comments on each:

Nichrome (nickel chromium) -- generally favored, due to it easy workability, ability to hold up in the kiln and afterwards.  It does turn dull after firing, but can be cleaned up with a brass "battery" brush.

Copper -- somewhat soft to use, and exposed parts tend not to hold up that well.  May tarnish or change color.  Some twisted/braided copper can work better than single strand copper, but test first.

Sterling silver -- will work, but tends to scale and needs to be cleaned after firing.  Can react with the glass and change color.  Somewhat soft.

Fine (pure) silver -- works better than sterling, but even more prone to react with the glass (can turn yellow).  Some glasses (french vanilla, certain reds) will also change color when exposed to silver.

Stainless steel  -- very stiff, hard to work with, but can be fused if desired.

Gold or platinum -- will work, but very expensive.

Click here to continue with a discussion of ways to keep wire in place until it fuses between the layers of your glass.


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