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Faux Polishing


This is part two of a multi-part series on "faux polishing", which involves the use of common substances to impart a shine to the glass.  Click here to visit part one.


Although glass polishing most frequently involves fire polishing, cold working, or acid polishing, there are a number of substances which can be applied to glass to form a shine. 


One major category of products that can work well are the waxes.  Turtle Wax (or any high quality automobile wax) can often impart a desirable luster to glass.  Other products with wax that can work well include furniture polishes (a good quality product such as Goddards) or even some of the top of the line stained glass finishing compounds (such as Kem-O-Pro).  Any product which contains wax or silicone can be tried, and most will succeed.  These tend to be temporary, rather than permanent, solutions.


Another approach that also involves wax requires the use of a wet belt sander.  This is particular when it's desirable to impart a high polish on a piece that has already been cold worked.  Start by soaking a cork belt in water for about half an hour.  Then mount it on the sander and apply some stick wax while the machine is running.  Carnauba wax, used in auto detailing and often available at an auto parts store, works particularly well.  Applying the wax in this fashion can result in a much greater polish than can be obtained with the cork belt alone.


Click here to read about other substances that can be used for "faux polishing".


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