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Faux Polishing


This is part three of a multi-part series on "faux polishing".  Click here to visit part one.


In addition to waxes and silicones (discussed in the second part of this series), there are several other substances that can be used to impart a shine to glass. 


Some natural oils, notably lemon oil, can be used to shine glass.  Even salad oil will work for this purpose.  These oils change the surface and while they won't last forever they are often more permanent than you would expect.


Some commercial cleaning products, such as Armor All (found in automotive supply stores), can also be used to give the glass a shine.  These tend to wear off in time.


A more permanent solution is to use a clear spray oil, such as Varathane Natural Oil Finish #66 (or a similar product from another manufacturer).  These will give glass (especially cast glass) a shiny finish. 


Another option is to use a clear acrylic or enamel spray to shine the glass.  These products are also permanent; they impart a wet look to the glass.  Be sure to test these products first to make certain they don't have a slight yellowish tint.  (Test to see if you like the look by spraying on clear glass before using them on your finished piece.)


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