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Fusing Wire Inside Glass Jewelry

This is part four of a multi part tip on fusing wiring inside glass jewelry.  Click here to go to part one, which discusses the characteristics desired of a wire used in fusing.

Here are a couple of more tips on ways to keep wire in place until it fuses. Click here to start at the beginning of the list of tips.

4.  One simple technique is to bend the wire slightly at the far ends.  Ideally, you want to bend the wire so that the section between the glass layers remains flat and straight, while the wire furthest from the glass is bent down so that it touches the shelf.  This approach will work if the wire is not too thick; if desired, the wire can be re-straightened after firing. 

5.  When all else fails, there's no substitute for grooving a channel in the glass exactly where you want the wire to stay.  This can be done with a Dremel and a diamond bit, but the best way is to use a jewelry bit on a standard glass grinder.  Jewelry bits are made for cutting a groove around the outside edges of a cabochon or similar small item, but they can be used to make a slight indentation on the inside surface of the glass.  Once the groove is cut, simply lay the wire in place and fuse.  This will work almost all the time, although care should be taken that you don't cut away too much glass (especially if you're fully fusing and soaking for a while).  


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