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Minimizing Trapped Air Bubbles


It's common to experience trapped air bubbles when fusing multiple layers of glass.  Here's a list of techniques that will help reduce the likelihood of trapping air.


1.  Add a "bubble squeeze" to your firing schedule.  This involves a lengthy soak at around 1240F/670C.  Soak for at least half an hour on the way up to your fusing temperature.  For items that are especially likely to trap air bubbles, consider soaking for two to three hours.


2.  One variation of the squeeze technique is to slow down the ramp speed between 1100F/590C to 1300F/700C.  Try increasing the temperature over this range at about 50 degrees F per hour (28 C/hour).  This gives the bubbles time to escape, and can be combined with a soak at around 1240F if desired.


3.  Design your pieces to minimize the possibility of trapped air.  The two most common ways to do this are to use strips (thin strips of glass laid on edge and fused together) instead of layers stayed on each other, and to design pieces with many smaller pieces, rather than a large ones.  These create more pathways for air to escape.


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